Where do I park?

We are located on an acre piece of property providing ample parking in our backyard. However if the backyard is full, there is an empty lot next door available as well.

What’s the environment like?

We have a very laid back atmosphere. You do as much or as little as you like. You can come ready to play or just observe and find your personal comfort zone. Some come to just hang out, eat, drink, and socialize while watching some very sexy shenanigans. We are a body positive, sexual preference positive, and identity preference positive place. So come with an open mind and you will have a fabulous time! 


Due to the large areas of concrete and ceramic tile floors we do not allow glass. You must pour your drink into a plastic cup. No fun at parties to have to turn on the lights and clean up broken glass and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. 

Themes...To dress or not to dress?

Our attendees come dressed for the theme of the parties most of the time. If you’re not sure what to wear sexy club wear will fit in well as well. A lot of the ladies bring a much more revealing outfit. It’s what we call “second outfit” when we decide to take the party to the next sexy level for the night! 

What is the age group or type of people?

Our ages typically run from 25 to 55 years of age and all body types as well. You’ll fit in just fine and find someone in your age preference to get to know easy enough. We also keep the single men down to keep a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 

What is expected of me? 

We expect you to follow the rules, be respectful, watch your alcohol consumption, respect people’s privacy, always ask before touching anyone! 

What’s the donation/legal stuff/Agreements?

Most parties are $20 per person unless it’s a special event that requires more time, entertainment, etc. We will let you know which events those are. You will also be required to sign an agreement when you walk in the door to follow all rules and respect peoples privacy, etc. All our events are limited to attendees over 21. Due to alcohol being on the premises we want to make sure no one is underage. Be aware, if you long young, we will ask you for your ID!  


We have specific people monitoring our events to make sure everyone is having a safe and consensual time. They can be identified by a badge. Ask them any questions, they are happy to answer and educate.