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We've been throwing parties now for 11 years and every year we do our best to make them better and better. Check out the Local Events Page for dates of future parties. We've been in the lifestyle for 11 years, both of us were in the lifestyle in previous relationships as well. We are very outgoing, down-to-earth people who love to be sexy and fliratatious whenever possible.  We are very much in love with each other and are each other's best friend.  We got into this lifestyle to enhance our lives together and make new lifetime friends!

We love traveling, and even though we both have busy work schedules, we try to make special trips to new places. We have some favorite places, like Sedona and Tombstone and of course we visit Las Vegas 2 or 3 times a year...what happens in Vegas....well you know what they say! We're always up for a new adventures.

In the last few years, we went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise, and took our first trip to Jamaica to Hedonism II with some of our closest friends....absolutely loved it and we're planning on more Hedo trips in the stay tuned for info to join the VIXXXINS group on our next trip! We just came back from a trip to Italy, and had the time of our lives! 

We just returned from our first International Hotel Swinger Takeover in Costa Rica! It was an amazingly sexy experience. Summer 2017 dates are posted now.  Click on the International Travel Page for more info. We're always looking for new places to explore together with new and old friends!

We are Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers fans and enjoy his concerts in Rocky Point while hanging out at a condo on the beach whenever possible. We're very spontaneous as well and are ready to leave at a moments notice as long as our work schedules are permitting. All the children are grown and gone, so we are able to host without any problems.

I guess you can also say we are also "foodies" in a way because we do love trying new restaurants...although a BBQ by the pool is perfect as well.  We love going out to a club for happy hour and dancing, love all types of water activities, but also just love hanging at the house, having drinks and playing some cards..."Hand and Foot" "Golf" "Texas Holdem" "Gin" "Spades" and even some Vegas "Blackjack".  We both sing karaoke at times as well, although you could say that "C" enjoys the limelight a bit more than "P" when it comes to singing.

We are always looking for a new experience with new people or old friends, but we do live a drama free life and want to keep it that way. We aren't Ken and Barbie although I would say we are both sexy and fairly good looking...just with a little extra padding...we're fluffy! We certainly are not looking for the HWP people, the most important thing to us is your personality! A great personality makes people very sexy!

If we end up becoming close friends, there are always lots of vanilla activities that we enjoy as well and are perfectly fine hanging out with our friend's families as well.  Sometimes we just invite everyone and their families over for a BBQ or a Superbowl Party....not everything is wrapped around Lifestyle activities. Like I said, it enhances our lives, not controls them.

I hope this has peaked your interest in either us or our parties.  We have attendees of all ages, backgrounds, sizes, race, etc., so there's bound to be someone at our parties that you will click with and have a geat time gettng to know. Not to worry though, no always means no and if you just want to come to hang out and eat, drink, and socialize, that is perfectly acceptable as well. I think you'll find that at VIXXXINS you'll be very comfortable! If you want more info on the rules of our parties, or to RSVP, click om the Rules And Contact Info Page.

If you're looking for more info, you can look at our SLS Profile of "PandC4ever", or look for our Club/Group "VIXXXINS" on SLS!

Remember (words we live by)....

"He who hesitates is lost!"...

"Carpe Diem" = "Seize The day"

See you soon!

Swingers in AZ